At Eco-Sight we believe in applying technologies in environmentally-friendly ways to help our clients live productive, happy, fulfilling lives with minimal environmental footprints and maximised efficiency and sustainability.

All of our company staff are respectful and caring to others, because these are who we choose as our staff.

As a business, making a profit is important to us, but profit is neither the main nor only motive for our business. We believe helping our clients be mindful, energy-efficient and prosperous will prosper us also. We also believe that making ourselves rich by making our clients poor or bankrupt would be reprehensible, indefensible and evil.

We’d like to get people mining less coal, burning less fossil fuels and harnessing solar, wind, wave, tidal and diurnal thermal power more.

We believe in “closing the loop” wherever possible, putting stuff in recyclable packaging and teaching people to value energy and materials and not waste them.

We have links to exciting innovative people and groups who know how to make more with less, how to reduce waste, recycle wastes and how to make and operate lifestyles, buildings and communities that are less extravagant on non-renewable resources.

We value and protect ethnic & cultural diversity and want to set an example in operating in a respectful and people-friendly manner where people are valued and have their contribution appreciated.

We operate free of harassment, exploitation or coercion and encourage our staff and customers to value & respect themselves and others and value life-long education.


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