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Global Reach

Eco-Sight Communications is a boutique Intellectual Property (IP) protection business based in Wollongong, the third largest city in New South Wales, on Australia’s east coast.

We engage with creative and innovative clients to deliver cost-effective, targeted intellectual property protection locally, Australia-wide and globally.

Eco-Sight has expertise in Intellectual Property recognition, registration, protection and licensing, IP law, IP opposition activities, business strategies, legal compliance and more.

Eco-Sight has helped dozens of clients to secure patent & trademark protection. We also have access to an expanding portfolio of recent patents, innovative materials, systems, information technology and skilled people to solve your technical and business problems.

Our staff and business contacts have cross-disciplinary expertise and industry experience in sciences, engineering, mathematical & information technology, data-mining, IP and corporate law frameworks, business management, marketing, language translation, individual & small group training and MORE! We also have collaborative links with innovators and centres of research excellence in Australia and around the globe, giving us access to new technologies and capabilities every hour of every day.

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Trade Marks


Your Business name is important and will appear multiple times, hopefully for years or even decades. It’s a prudent business decision to Trademark your business name so that no-one else can use the same name, pretending to be you. Your main business name should be trademarked, and so should key product names, titles or descriptors (or even a catchy sub-title or slogan) on physical products or services that you sell.

Trademarks are much cheaper to create and protect than patents, and official Trade Mark registration in Australia (administered by IPAustralia) lasts for 10 years before you have to pay again to renew the TM registration.

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Design Registrations


If you have an exciting new device, gizmo, artwork or product, or even some visual & eye-catching packaging that you want to market in quantity, it may be appropriate to register the design or visual appearance as a registered design. Then others can’t blatantly copy your design and sell unauthorised copies, or use them for their own business advantage. In Australia this kind of legal registration is administered by IPAustralia and Eco-Sight has all the knowhow to get official design registrations done-and-dusted for you, cost-effectively, quickly and professionally. And did we also mention friendly and local . . . ?!

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A design registration in IPAustralia’s publicly available database



What is a PATENT ???

A PATENT is a Government-granted monopoly right given to an inventor or owner of a new device, system, material or procedure that is inventive, new (novel), of practical use and capable of being manufactured (or the patent itself may be a method of manufacturing).

Do you or your Business have a clever new device, system, material, recipe or procedure that solves a problem and can save or make 1,000’s or even millions of $$$?! If so, you should keep the details secret and decide whether to get a Patent in Australia or other countries where you might make, sell or operate your new device, system, material, recipe or procedure. You can also gain revenue by licensing the use of your patent to other players who must pay you royalties or licensing fees in order to apply your patented knowledge.

Eco-Sight is a niche player with knowledge and experience in drafting, searching, registering and administering Australian and International patents and licensing agreements.

* Our CEO (Dr. Stephen Bewlay) has 5 patents of his own or with co-inventors and has helped innovative clients in Australia, Africa and Asia to gain Standard and Innovation Patents and Trademark registrations in Australia, as well as patents and trademarks in various overseas jurisdictions. The success of many previous Eco-Sight clients is living proof that the skill and expertise of Eco-Sight can cost-effectively deliver robust protection of your inventive or business IP, without the higher expenses of engaging registered Patent Attorneys.

Eco-Sight can facilitate set-up and administration of tailored Licensing Agreements to leverage your Business IP into ongoing revenue for your business.

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Business Strategies


If you have serious plans to build a business and establish your own brand, you need to follow systematic strategies based on solid science, engineering, economic, customer psychology and legal principles to achieve success. For example, you need a business name which provides a consistent identity (“Branding”) for your company. Your business will be perceived positively if you consistently use the same business name for quality business activities, with your name appearing clearly on all your products, advertising, website pages, transaction receipts etc.

If you are serious about growing your business, there are legal and registration requirements administered by various authorities and levels of government (local, state & federal). You will probably need at least an ABN (Australian Business No.) or ACN (Australian Company No.) and you should treat customers or prospective customers with respect and abide by the operating regulations of Government regulatory bodies.

Eco-Sight can help you navigate the multiplicity of requirements needed for your business to reach the pinnacle of success. We’ll coach you on requirements you need to meet, and keep you to a strategic timeframe so you complete advancement steps in the right sequence and without missing crucial deadlines.

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